The#1 “ Your-Brand” Creator in China
Count on Cinobee’s Pricing,Quality & Reliability
For your applications:
cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, and household products.
Cinobee Profile

Cinobee, started from family business in 1980s,from not only a producer to but also a service-provider, 
dedicated in Beeswax | Rice Bran Wax | Soy Wax |Vegetable wax / Vegan Wax | Multil-application natural formulation waxes solution and ingredients |
Keep trustworthy brand Cinobee,aiming at "Follow Your life and Make Your Life More Beautiful",
offer natural ingredients  and environmentally friendly solutions you can trust for your applications in:
* Cosmetics,beauty & personal care products, emulsions, hair care, creams, lotions, lipsticks, cold creams,etc..
* Health and homecare products
* Food,ointments and pharmaceuticals
* Candles, moldings,lubricants, industrial applications
* Wood,paper and textile finishes

Cinobee never expects to be a hero, but our eternal objective is to make our every client grow to be Hero.
Cinobee is not just a brand name; it is a symbol of the spirit of bees. We integrate the qualities of diligence, unity, and positivity into the DNA of our brand, committed to creating value for our customers and making a positive impact on society. In the world of Cinobee, the spirit of bees will forever be our driving force forward. 
Cinobee celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2020, nowadays has evolved into not only a leading brand enterprise,processor and refiner dedicated in beeswax and vegetable waxes /vegan waxes,but also a trustworthy marketer of natural extracts and ingredients for your applications. As an advocate of worldwide natural & healthy products, all products in Cinobee are only from Green Thinking;

Here  you can find 100% natural beeswax slabs,pastilles and bars for making your candles, as well for your applications like food, cosmetics, personal care products,homecare products,medicine & ointment, and industries like polishing and lubricants, etc.

You can find our Rice Bran Wax,Soy Wax,Vegetable waxes and other environmentally friendly ingredients for your applications in:*Cosmetics & Beauty Care  *Health Products * Homecare Products * Food & Pharmaceutical*.

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